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The Revolutionary RxLabelReader™

To reduce medication error rates, in-person patient prescription container reviews are required by health care providers, insurers and agencies during home health care visits by caregivers.


The RxLabelReader™ converts any prescription, vitamin or over-the-counter label to text via our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The revolutionary RxLabelReader™ generates the flat image of prescription labels in seconds allowing the labels and OCR text to be reviewed right in the patient's home or to send it via HIPAA approved 256 bit encryption to the cloud for image processing.



“Listing medications by hand constitutes a grave risk. Mistakes can have dire consequences for the patient and consequently for the agency owners. Liability insurance constitutes the largest single expenditure after salaries and is our biggest source of anxiety. The slightest incident at best causes premiums to catapult up. One can contest handwriting, but there is no contesting a scanned label.“ - Home Care Company Executive