Thank you for your interest in our Leasing Plans.

We have partnered with Lease Corporation of America:
  1. Eliminates up-front costs and large capital expenditures
  2. Simple application and approval process online (2-3 hours to get approved)
  3. FICO score of 650 required for preferred pricing
  4. First and last payment and $125 documentation fee are due in advance
  5. Excludes sales tax

Agents can purchase a two-year license to use the scanner with VISA or MasterCard for $2,885. You also have the option to pay $99 per month for a 28-month lease. We have leasing in place with Lease Corporation of America, click here to visit the LCA website and apply.

For more information and to apply now, please click here: www.myrxreader.com

At the end of the lease, you keep the computer and return the scanner. If you would like to continue with the scanner, you can change to a month-to-month payment mode. We anticipate many advancements in the future and hope we can continue to be a valuable tool in your business for years to come.

Speak directly to our insurance sales manager Marie Smith (810) 207-1322 or email her at sales@myrxreader.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the bundle include?
RxLabelReader hardware, scanner, maintenance support, cloud services, OCR, Label image editing and retrieval software.

I work from my car, how durable is the scanner?
Built to US automotive standards, we designed it with the active agent in mind. It will withstand being left in a hot or cold car trunk and survive being dropped from 4 feet (in its carrying case).

What happens after the lease ends?
You keep the computer and return the scanner. Or if you wish to continue with the scanner, you can sign a month to month lease.

What if I already have my own computer or tablet and only want the scanner?
Due to troubles configuring computers that are often without sufficient memory or outdated operating systems, we found it cost more money troubleshooting with agents than the cost of including a tablet with our scanner. Our software is preloaded and the devices are ready to plug and play.

I work in the South, Publix has triangle shaped bottles, is this a problem?
No problem! The scanner is designed for all bottle shapes and sizes of major pharmacies in the nation. Target also has unusual bottles that work well in our device. The attached wand allows scanning of pill boxes and other prescription labels affixed to items other than bottles.