Our Team


Alexander Brunner, CEO & Chairman


Founder’s Background:

In 2011 Alex became involved in a specialty pharmacy project in Dallas, Texas, created and managed by Malcolm Roy an affiliated seasoned Health Care professional. Alex became involved with nurses and doctors performing government mandated “Medication Intake” or “Start” procedures in patient’s homes. He learned of the still currently used cumbersome process of documenting medications from medication containers onto a Patient Medication Form or trying to use a computer or tablet at the patient’s home to correctly enter information while patients are talking and pets, children, TV or other distractions are present. Medication transcribing errors are a major problem in this industry causing the birth of the Meditory RxLabelReader.


Alex, a native from Austria residing in Michigan for 40+ years, has an extensive background in analog and digital document management and the information management Industry as a whole. Alex learned from Kodak and 3M in the 1970’s about automated microfilm systems. He became an entrepreneur in 1976, when his company developed and globally marketed the industry’s first microprocessor controlled add-on microfilm image retrieval controller (VISCO). He became deeply involved with equipment manufacturing, software development and on-going product innovation in the 1980’s and established OEM relationships with Kodak, 3M, Canon, Minolta, Bell & Howell, Agfa, and Fuji.


In 1992 Alex formed a partnership with Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, of Volkswagen fame, to develop and build his next revolutionary idea – ScreenScan. ScreenScan was a retrofit image scanning device designed to replace conventional microfilm reader screens with a digital scanning screen. ScreenScan (Patent # 5,645,335) won the 1994 Imaging Magazine’s Product of the Year Award and won Alex the Association of Image and Information Management’s (AIIM) coveted “Industry Pioneer Award”.


Alex developed VersaIMAGE software in the late 1990’s and formed VersaIMAGE Software Corporation (www.versasoftware.com) in 2001. As a matter of local interest, Alex had manufactured his earliest technological invention, the VISCO controller initially in the USA and later overseas. ScreenScan, due to the co-patenting with Dr. Porsche, was manufactured by Nanomach AG, a Porsche company in Liechtenstein.


Alex’s intentions were and are still today that his third major innovative technology the RxLabelReader, will be fully assembled, tested and interfaced with Meditory’s proprietary software fully developed in Michigan. With the aid of Meditory’s first major Angel investor and friend John Moliere, Meditory convinced Mr. Tom LaSorda, formerly president of Chrysler Corporation to join the Meditory team. Meditory then was able to secure a major tier one automotive supplier to fund, redesign and create high volume production tooling for the by then patented RxLabelReader. JVISUSA and Mayco International of Michigan now manufacture the RxLabelReader exclusively for Meditory utilizing the tough PPAP automotive manufacturing standards that include extremely high and low temperature changes, multiple 4 ft. drops, vibration, electrical and optical testing to produce an extremely rugged device capable of withstanding field use in most any climate condition.

VersaIMAGE Document Imaging Software Solutions:

The initial product, developed in the late 1990’s and early 2000, VersaIMAGE32 document imaging software manages hybrid micrographics, paper and digital images in a single database. With the transition of micrographics analog image based systems to digital scanning systems in the 1990’s the need for hybrid solutions was a unique capability very few competitors could offer. Most new document imaging software developers lacked the experience and knowhow to transition micrographics based imaging systems to digital imaging solutions. VersaIMAGE quickly became an authorized Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Kodak, Canon, Minolta, Agfa, Fuji and Fujitsu. In 2002 VersaIMAGE completed the MicroDAX 5.0 scanning software for Minolta Corporation and in 2004 released its VersaIMAGE-GOLD product line that offered sophisticated document scanning and retrieval with image OCR full text search capability.


VersaIMAGE has software installations in the field worldwide in Medical, Educational, Financial, Manufacturing, Local and State Government facilities. Customers include well-known names such as Amway, Ford Motor Company, American Insurance Corporation, Baylor University, and many others. In 2011 VersaIMAGE completed the development and implementation of a new global Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) imaging system for Amway who is and has been using VersaIMAGE software successfully for over 18 years! MSDS information may now be searched for and printed locally anywhere in the world. VersaIMAGE’s Canadian distributor has been selling VersaIMAGE software exclusively for 15 years featuring installations all across Canada. VersaIMAGE.NET cloud based “web imaging services” are offered to customers that would like to store and manage their document images on the cloud. Alex has been a frequent speaker at AIIM, ARMA, SME organizations and has developed sales and marketing contacts throughout the industry worldwide.

John Moliere, Founder & Director


Board Member and major Angel investor, John holds a BS in Computer Science from Boston University and represents the RxLabelReader in the Federal and VA market place exclusively. Moliere was the recipient of the Federal 100 award, which is granted to the top government information systems community executives from government, industry and academia. He is the Founder and CEO of Standard Communications Inc., and a Board Member of the National Veterans Small Business Coalition Advisors. He was also chosen for Top Executive Federal 100 Award by an independent panel of judges.

Yan Ross, Strategic Adviser


Yan Ross is an accredited educator, recognized authority, and active legal counsel for over 30 years, including 10 years in government positions and 20+ years in private practice. He is a graduate of Princeton University and Yale Law School. During his government and private practice, he concentrated on financial institution transactions, including many mergers and acquisitions among major banks and related companies, with special emphasis on challenging deals requiring regulatory approvals, both domestic and international. As an educator, his accredited courses include a wide array of subjects, such as identity theft, alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, and ethics, for numerous disciplines, such as attorneys, Certified Financial Planners, Real Estate Licensees, and Privacy Professionals. For over 15 years, he has addressed identity theft risk assessment and management for consumers, organizations holding personally identifiable information, and professionals who work with individuals and organizations who are at risk of falling victim to identity thieves. As Director of Special Projects for the Institute of Consumer Financial Education, Mr. Ross recently wrote the all-new Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist® XV (CITRMS®) course, which has also been published as a textbook and desk reference manual.

Richard Martin, Lead Developer


Richard has over 20 years of software, database, and web development experience in a wide variety of industries, including insurance, telecommunications, biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceutical. Richard was involved in the 9/11 investigation when it was found that the terrorists used pre-paid phone cards that his company provided telecommunication services for, and the information he provided was found to be very useful to the investigation. He believes that if you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life, and Richard loves what he does. Richard has two Masters degrees, one in Materials Engineering and one in Management of Information Systems.

Randall Long, Developer


Randy has a 20+ year software development background including medical database design and cloud data management applications. Randy recently developed a major global MSDS imaging application for Amway. Previously, he has had core development roles in medical software and hardware projects implemented for Eli Lilly, Prosar Product Safety Resources, Starkey Hearing Technologies, and Pyxis. This background (including infusion pump interface software, web-based distribution of toxicologist exposure response information, medical hearing device user interfaces, and medical supplies inventory management systems) has provided a broad-based industry background toward implementation of the Meditory Patient Medical Profile web site and corresponding medical data management, from the RxLabelReader device through to cloud-based storage and secured caregiver and user access, including related HIPAA regulatory requirements.