What it Solves

  • Eradicates manual transcribing errors
  • Cuts costs of nurse and back-office support
  • Saves time during the critical intake process
  • Improves care allowing caregivers to focus on patients
  • Supports compliances saving fines, eliminates citations and accelerates audit response
  • Fast,complete scanning of all medications including OTC drugs, vitamins
    and expired prescriptions that are often not recorded due to time constraints


Click here to watch a quick product demonstration of the RxLabelReader™.


Prescription label management on the cloud:

  • Secure 24/7 label information verification via the cloud, eliminating costly, time-consuming calls to patients, doctors or pharmacies to clear up data errors and missing information.
  • Image and data access reduces Caregiver’s liability - Permanent and complete electronic record of medications in the Cloud. No more aging, illegible or misplaced paper files.
  • Improved medication management - Timely, complete and accurate information provides physicians with better drug interaction control. Doctors can review the actual ingredients of all medicines.