Unique Technology and its Benefits

The development of this product melds state-of-the-art scanning technology into a new product that allows customers to quickly scan prescription labels and deliver a razor sharp image that can be easily read for either manual or automated data input. This enables more precise data gathering while freeing up more time for the intake specialist to focus on more patientintensive portions of the intake process.

The RXLabelReader™ solution integrates several patent-pending technologies developed by Meditory:

  1. State-of-the-art mobile camera and lighting technologies that accurately image all medication labels directly from the container with the easy-to-use RXLabelReader™.
  2. Proprietary software that seamlessly “stitches” together the RXLabelReader™ images to form a single two-dimensional picture from the curved surfaces of the prescription label.
  3. RXLabelReader™ software that encrypts the data and then accurately and automatically enters the data from the label into computer databases.
  4. Once the label data is validated and stored, the RXLabelReader™ solution automatically deidentifies the data for HIPAA-compliant, population-based medication management and marketing programs.

Through these proprietary technologies, RXLabelReader™ is the only solution that compiles verifiable medical prescription label data, image history files, and optional full drug compatibility analyses for all patients regardless of originating physician or pharmacy.